Friday, July 11, 2008

Beach baby

This has been a whole week of firsts for Buttercup, including her first dip in the baby pool in the super cute suit that her Aunt Mel got her for her birthday.

Thanks, Carrie, for the fun of Friday Photo Phinish!



Michelle said...


Natalie said...

Oh She is so cute:)

Michelle W said...

That is an adorable pic!
Hey, be sure to come by Mommy Confessions tomorrow. Something awaits you there!

Michelle W said...

Okay I guess I meant tomorrow as in today (Sunday). LOL
But the post won't be up until later this evening. Also, I commented back to you in the comments sectionof Kadi Prescott's post.
AND on top of that, I need to email you privately to talk about a very important blogging matter... dun dun dun dun....
We just have so much to discuss. lol

Pauline said...

wow-how mysterious! i am totally sitting here just tearing my hair out in anticipation! email me! post your whatever it is! i hate surprises!