Monday, July 14, 2008

Foiled (by myself) again!

I really hate myself sometimes. Like now. I was all set to post a ton of pictures from my nephew Nicholas' third birthday party on Saturday and somehow did the most assanine thing ever and deleted all the pictures.
Don't ask me how. It just happened. I am beyond pissed and have 133 pictures now gone forever.
Sometimes, I really miss the regular-camera-film thing. This kind of crap never happened then.
Uggghh! (Enter expeletives here!)
Granted, I didn't take 133 pics on Saturday, but I did take a lot. And the rest were cute pics of Buttercup that are now G-O-N-E!
Well, there goes my post for this evening. I'm off for now to fume and hope the the pics magically reappear when I come back so I can post them for posterity.



happyathome said...

Oh that completely stinks! Technology can be great and also be a pain! Maybe someone else has pictures they can share?
FYI, I will have my new blog design up this week, it is nicey nice so stop by!

LiteralDan said...

"Deleting" them doesn't actually erase the data-- you can get software pretty cheap that will extract the pictures for you.

You should be able to recover the lost pictures as long as you don't take new pictures with that card.

I forget the software I used when my wife checked the "delete all pictures on this card" box when she was looking at them, but it was $20 and worked well.