Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm getting into the habit of blogging here right before I go to bed. The house is quiet. The dishes are (finally) done, and Buttercup is asleep (for now.)
Blogging here is kind of like dessert. Or a prize for a job well done. I've finished some freelancing for the day, so now I get to play. For a few precious minutes, anyway.
We went to IKEA today, and Buttercup was a total peach the whole day. She and Butterfly, her baby-friend who is just one day older, were living it up in their Ergo Baby Carriers, and Angel and I probably sold 10 to moms who stopped us to chat.
I spent way too much money, but that's bound to happen when you drive 45 minutes just to shop. At that point, the trip has to be worth it, right?
So I walked away with a new comforter, a few duvet covers, a ton of little things for Buttercup, and a wish list for the next time we go back.
Last night, I was so close to canceling the trip because I was just overwhelmed, tired, and depressed. I didn't, of course, but only because my mother had already arrived at my house so we could just pack up and go come morning. And as upset as I was the night before, I'm glad I went.
I'm still a bit off...but I know that it's got a lot to do with the fact that I'm probably in need of my happy pills again (it's more fun to say than Prozac), and the fact that my insulin levels are jacked to all hell right now, which affects my depression levels and, of course, the size of my ass (as in: the bigger it is, the more I think my life sucks).
Stick around long enough, and you'll probably see me go in the stages from depressed to motivated and feeling good to promising I'll never go back to being depressed (and fat, which are kind of synonymous in my book) again.
It's kind of like the self-imposed drama that is my life. A writer is supposed to be torchered, right? Well, here's me, doing my best to give myself material for the Great Mexican American Novel I hope to eventually write.



happyathome said...

Night time is the right time to blog...haha that could be a song. Go outside and get some sun! Even some flowers can perk you up!

sara said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time at Ikea - it's impossible not to spend a ton, right? Hey when things settle down I'll totally take you up on a lunch date if you want. You, me buttercup and Spot - those two little girls are going to have to learn to be friends sometime soon anyways! Might as well learn now :-) Hang in there, and I hope things perk up soon. I'll get off my lazy ass soon and check in with you, okay?

K.R. said...

Oh my goodness! You are my sister from another mother! I'm on the Zac and know exactly how you feel! Is your husband's name Angel? My husband's name is Angel too! Angel Rodriguez. El es de Puerto Rico. Hablas Espanol mi amiga? God bless!c

Mama Les said...

I love IKEA!!!

Angel said...

I am also glad we made the trip even if my departure had to be a bit rushed!! And talk about expensive meatballs!!! Anyway, we will have to do it again sometime .. but next time hopefully I only have Butterfly or Witchlet is a little less hyper.

Rhea said...

IF writers are supposed to be tortured and huge messes, then I should have produced a few novels by now!!! lol

Happy pills make the world go round a little easier, I think.

It's so easy to get tired and overwhelmed, but I'm glad you didn't cancel your trip and the IKEA shopping went well. :o)

This is my first time to visit your blog, nice to meet you!

Pauline said...

well, thanks for stopping by, Reah! So you are a torured writer, too, huh? let's do coffee.

Pauline said...

hey glamorous, si, you hablo espanol. Mas o menos. :)

Danielle said...

Hi! I am new here. I could spend forever in Ikea! Glad you had a good trip. I have had my eye on an Ergo for a while!