Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We interrupt this commercial break....

Yes, I'm still alive.
I know I took a bit of a break here from posting, and while I enjoyed the "time off," I also missed it.
That, and friends and readers were starting to question whether I had dropped off the face of the earth.
But no, here I am. Trying to juggle the WAHM-o thing with the work thing, as usual!
And of course, the usual family shuffle has been in place with various committments we needed to attend.
One particularly hard one was this past weekend. My dad's birthday was July 24. It's been a family tradition to lump all July birthdays (my cousin David, my Grandfather, my husband, and now our nephew, Nicholas) into one big celebration with a jumbled rendition of "Happy Birthday" since no one ever bothers to assign an order to the names.
This year, of course, my dad isn't here. So we stopped at the cemetery on the way to the party with a balloon and some flowers.
I had a bit of a hard time on the way to my uncle's house, getting snappy with Sweeter and almost tearing up, but I was fine once we arrived.
It was great to see family from out of town and just be in the moment!


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