Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WAHM-O Wednesday

Welcome to the first WAHM-O Wednesday at deadlines and diapers. And for those of ypu who missed the bus this morning, WAHM is the acronym for Work at Home Mom. (But we're counting dads here, too.)

And WAHM-O is my clever little play-on-words that I am convinced is still making you chuckle. Do not pop my bubble of hope. It's really all I have to hold on to.

So here's the deal. I work from home and know that a lot of you do, too. I also know that many of you who do not work from home think we who do have it super easy and really have no reason to bitch.

After all, we make our own schedules, decide our own work-dress-code (mine is yoga pants and a comfy T-shirt), don't have to deal with asshole bosses or idiot co-workers stuck on sharing every detail of their love life during your frantic 15-minute lunch-break, and never have to deal with the pain in the ass rush-hour traffic which can try a nun's nerves.

But let me enlighten all of you. Sure, this is a great gig for those of us whose work allows for the WAHM-O effect. Especially if we have kids! I get to spend all day with Buttercup and watch her grow, which is a blessing in and of itself.

But it's also a curse. Ever try making a phone call to an important client with a teething toddler screaming in the background? Or how about trying to schedule a phone interview for a week in advance, tempting fate to kick you upside the head as you try to futily guess your baby's preferred napping times for that given day (don't worry, you'll be wrong. So just throw out a number.)And then there's letting your child destroy the house as you desperately work on deadline, figuring that it will be easier to peel dried spaghetti off the walls later (it kept them quiet, right?)than it would be to tell your client the assigment was late because the kids decided to sabatoge your professional career and reputation.

Sure, and the dog ate your homework, too.

WAHM-O Wednesday is the day for all of us WAHMO parents to share the funny, the sweet, and the "What the hell did I sign up for" moments.

So come on, share the truth. Give it to us straight. Write up a post, add some pictures, and have your way with Mr. Linky.

A recent WAHM-O moment found Buttercup playing with her clothes and emptrying out the baby wipes package. Note that I got concerned because she was being quiet while I was working....

Yep, she looks concerned that she was caught red-handed.

Wait. I didn't realize I cheated on my husband with Gene Simmons from KISS!?!?!? Because she apparantly makes this face often.

Remember people, she's 14-months TOMORROW and already has a mouth full of choppers. It's like 24-hour teething around here.

Hey Mom, what were you doing over there anyway? It wasn't important, was it?



IMA WAHM said...

Thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone at these moments. My dd is 6 but still does these wonderful things LOL

sara said...

I just can't believe how cute she keeps getting Pauline! It was so great to see you both - you're the best :-)

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

I am not a WAHM, but I'll come and visit :)

Michelle said...

I'm a SAHM, first time on your site. I can't wait to read more. What a cutie you have there!!!

Pauline said...

Sweet! you mean, I actually had a good bloddy idea?
I'm glad you all enjoyed the post!

happyathome said...

Oh I understand the WAHM, and I am trying to be one right now. Not to mention the emtying out the clothes drawer, pulling all the baby wipes out and spreading the diapers all around the rooms. Fun fun! Right now she is going through the photo albums and pulling pictures out! It's o.k., it is only my colleg days pictures....

Mommy Sasha said...

I am a part time WAHM and I soo know those days. Just yesterday I was on an important call when Sporty (my oldest) picked up the phone and yelled MOOOOOOOOOOOM- Im in the bathroom and need TP for MY BUNG HOLE! lol he thought I was on the phone with my sister!!!

I love that she has soo many teeth, we still call Yum Yum Chompers. He has like a bazillion teeth. She is beautiful btw. I need a little girl to balance my testostrone filled home.

Michelle said...

I am a working mom (currently sitting at my desk) and those photos of Buttercup made my day !!
Thanks I needed that!!!
I can't wait to get home and see my own son

Pauline said...

I need TP for my BUNGHOLE???? that is a classic!

T J said...

Ok - so I've been a work outside the home mom, stay at home mom and work from home mom and they are ALL work - but I SOOOO get what you are saying. And yes, I've let things happen just for the sake of a quiet phone call. Yes, it is easier to clean later than to try to stop it while talking to clients.