Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just popping in

It's amazing how time seems to stand still when everyone in the house is sick, and yet looking back to last week's vegging on the couch with the TV on all day, it seems like a million years ago.

And now, here I sit with a mountain of work to catch up on, errands upon errands to take care of, and a sorely neglected blog!

I can't post much tonight, due to my 3 working brain cells after a hellish day of Buttercup-crabiness and all, but I wanted to stop by and let my millions of devoted readers reader know that yes, I am alive, and yes, I have been busy.

Stop by Berrie Sweet Picks for proof! I've been getting plenty of requests from mommy-business owners to review their stuff, and also have a new feature called The Tuesday Ten, in which I feature mom-pranuers in a ten question interview.

And thanks to Heather over at Mom 4 Life for adding me to her press page!



Kary said...

Yay you're alive!!!!!!!

Pauline said...

Wow-you care! YOu really, really care!