Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One of those days

It's 5:30 in the afternoon and I am sitting here at the kitchen table in my pajamas. Yes, the very same ones I went to bed in last night.

Buttercup has not napped. Not once. In fact, I don't even remember what I was doing between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. except for the little flashes of memory involving me trying to disentangle myself from a congested and cranky baby just long enough to pee in peace (or with her sitting on my lap, which at least goes to show I had enough time to pull my pants down.)

It's just been "one of those days," and I'm celebrating with a Mike's Hard Lemonade while Sweeter sleeps of the cold Buttercup and I gave him. (Cuz, you know, I had time to sleep when I wasn't feeling good, too. Yep.)

What's that? How's work, you say??

Yeah, that...

Let me finish my Mommy-Lemonade first, then I'll tell you how I've managed to finish nothing today.

*And the baby cries in the distance*

Wonderful. Here I am trying to wax poetic and Buttercup is shrieking high enough to break glass. Time to go--Motherhood awaits.



~Sheila~ said...


My kids are old enough to fend for themselves and I am still exhausted and tired. I still don't wax my legs. Part of that reason is to create a layer of protection against the huge mosquitos out here.

Mandi said...

I know those days very well! Motherhood it's amazing and exhausting, and yet we still linger on the amazing part.

Mandi said...

Yes I've had a number of days like that myself. Motherhood, it's amazing and completely exhausting! http://jasahm.blogspot.com/

T J said...

I've always wondered how my husband gets to rest while he's sick and yet, there I am, sick as he is, still cooking, cleaning, etc.

And the few times I don't? God - the house looks like hell when I venture to get up and look around.

Hope everyone gets better soon!

Pauline said...

thanks everyone! we're still sick over here in D&D land, but we're hanging in there.
and I am working on quelching the urge to throttle my husband as he gets to rest and I get to worry about the state of my kitchen.
i'd really love a maid right about now.

sara said...

I love the new look! I opened my refrigerator and glanced in just a few moments ago. Two lonely bottles of Mike's hard Lemonade caught my eye. I'm telling you - as soon as Spot makes her grand entrance and I no longer am taking this procardia crap....you and I have to have a little "date" with Mike if you know what I mean! The boys can watch the little ones. Sound good?

happyathome said...

Pajamas at 5:30, ain't no big thang! What ever works! Cheers! We all have those days.....