Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just say "No" to Mommy

I blame author Karen Katz.

This seemingly innocent children's book author doesn't exactly seem like she's fit the bill for Public enemy 101, but trust me. This one's sneaky.

See, her beyond cute lift-the-flap board books featuring the ever adorable "Baby" might not look like dangerous. They might even seem downright innocent. After all, you've got yourself a sweet little cherub you and your tot can exlore with as "Baby" discovers her world.

Our favorite is, or was, "Where is Baby's Valentine." In it, Baby goes on a search for the special Valentine she has made for Mommy. Is it behind the couch? Is it under the pillow? No, no, no!

Buttercup and I would read together and lift each flap as Baby searched for Mommy's Valentine, and I'd become prouder and prouder each time as Buttercup grew more confident in lifting the flaps on her own and answering with a resounding "No!" as I asked her if Baby's Valentine was under/in/or behind the item in question.

And with each page, her "No's!" got louder, more confident, and oh-so-much-cuter! And, by golly, it was all the evidence I needed to prove that Buttercup was a genius.

Well, she's a little genius, alright, but the evil kind. And Karen Katz is the puppet master, ring leader of all independent toddlers everywhere, who is using creative talents to lure these genius babies into her plan to take over the world. And all she had to do to get things rolling was to show our little parrot babies that the word "no" holds real power.

About that. Yeah....thanks Karen. Appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart.

See, since reading this little gem, Buttercup now realizes that she has a choice. No longer does Mommy reign supreme. Instead, what used to be a happy little dictatorship is now on it's way to a full-fledged democracy-and it appears that an uprising is in the works.

I know! The absolute nerve!

Time for night-night!


Time for bath!


Are you sleepy?

No! No!

Don't bite Mommy!

I mean, really, it's starting to wear on my nerves.

So here I am, patiently waiting for Karen Katz' next book, hopefully entitled, "Baby learns that Mommy is all powerful and must do anything she says without hesitation."

But I'm guessing that is probably too long for a title.



connie said...

I LOVED this post! How funny!

Pauline said...

thanks Connie. It came to me when I was trying to figure out where this constant "no!" came from all of a sudden. And then one night we were reading story books and when she yelled out "NO!" as she lifted the flap, I realized who I had to blame.
Yep-time to start writing my own children's books.,