Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tomorrow's history books

I wasn't panning to blog today, but I realized it is very important that I say something. Anything. Just so I can have a written reminder of how huge today actually is.

That may not be the most poetic of terms, but "huge" is a good word. The right one, I think, to describe the fact that at 8 a.m., Americans will, for the first time, have a black Presidential candidate on our ballots.

What a moment...

When Buttercup is much older and reading through her mommie's crazy ramblings, she may come across this post. And it will be a little piece of history for her. A piece, that no matter the outcome of the election, I am glad to provide.

Today, sweetheart, I voted for Barrack Obama. And I'm proud.


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