Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby calls the shots

Okay-so after an admittedly late start this morning, I was chugging along today with phone calls and work while Buttercup napped. It figures that one of the most important calls I had to take came near when I knew when she was going to wake up. Freaking Ford Motor Company and she began to scream 10 minutes into it. I, like the bad BAAAAAD mommy that I am, tried to pretend I didn't hear it...
"So what was that you said again regarding Ford's approach to marketing your products to the reach the Hispanic population?" I asked.
And yes, it was quite pathetic.
"Umm, I think I hear your baby waking up," came the hesitant reply.
"She might just be crying in her sleep and not be quite ready to wake up yet," I said, praying she'd catch mommy's PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE vibes and settle down for just 10 more minutes.
Then I'd be all hers. I swore to God and all Creation that I would.
But nope. No deal. No dice. Buttercup's diaper was wet and her belly was empty and to hell with Mommy's plans for making any money today.
That was my cue to cut the interview short as I promised to call back on Monday when my sitter was here all day. We wouldn't want the inteviewee thinking I neglect my child, of course.
Totally professional, right?
Lesson for the day? I need a sitter. A FREE one.
And I need her here by Monday.


About that....

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