Sunday, September 30, 2007

My new Sunday to-do

I'm probably going to be up for the next three hours. Yes, I would like to go to bed like, three hours ago, but since freelancing jobs do not fall out of the sky or grow on trees, I have to haul ass to find them.

And the easiest and most convenient time to do so is, of course, when the baby sleeps. (I'd like to backhand anyone and everyone who ever told me to sleep when the baby sleeps. What a freakin' hoot.)

Hence, I'll be scouring Al Gore's Good- ol' Internet for every possible (paying) freelancing gig I can come across and apply for the ones that I won't look like an idiot for applying to. You know, like a posting I saw for a blogger familar with SEO (or something.) I kinda figured I should pass on that one since I am already clueless. SE what?

But I have found luck on this freelancing website for some great job leads. Check it out! Just do me a favor and throw me a cut of your check if you beat me out for a job, huh?

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