Monday, October 1, 2007

So much for productivity

My intentions were good.
Really...they were!
But then I woke up. Seriously.
All I have accomplished today was a rush cleaning job in the kitchen when I learned my in-laws were on their way over to see the baby.
Alfredo stayed home from work sick today, but is feeling well enough to handle feedings, diapers and cuddling with Buttercup. We had decided not to bother my mom or sisters for sitting services since he was home to help me. I had visions of flying through phone interviews and busting out quick, accurate, kick-ass copy while Alfredo and Buttercup goo-good and gah-gahhed at each other for the whole working day.
You see what I am doing now? It's 3:17.
So much for that idea, right?
Instead of making major writing moolah today, I got pissed when Alfredo told me his parents were stopping by. Not because I didn't want to see them, mind you, but because I knew--just knew!--that I'd get nothing done while they were here.
I am very ADD. I didn't even watch daytime TV the whole time I was on maternity leave because I knew I'd forget to take care of basics, like breathing.
Or blinking.
Think I'm kidding? I'm not.
So I rush, rush, rush to get the kitchen looking a little less like it was taken over by a third-grade science experiment gone wrong and finish just in time for the in-laws to walk in the door. I dutifully sat back down at my computer desk to pound out some witty prose while they all made Buttercup giggle and squeal in the next room. She sounded so cute!
Not even five minutes later I was in there with them, laughing and smiling as my baby laughed and smiled. It was nowhere near productive, but it was fun.

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