Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Productivity update

The short answer? I got Nuthin'!

Well-one assignment was completed and turned in, but I had hopes for so much more! Luck was against me, though. No one I called was available today and I got zip on return calls. I'm staring down a deadline just 10 days down the road now and need to START one that I haven't even been able to secure interviews for, and the other just needs some follow-up questions answered before I write it up.

But time is a-tickin'.

What I did manage to get done isn't going to make me any money. I emailed a few more companies for product review requests for Metro Parent's Five Fabulous Finds column ( I think that debuts online on Oct. 5), and tried scrounging up some leads for The Ruff Ruff Review. I also completed a few more write-ups for future Five Fab Finds columns, like The Zaky and a necklace from Kathy Lo.

It's 1:13 a.m. and Buttercup has been asleep for about 4 hours now. I should have watched the DVD's given to me by Vladae Roytapel (The Russian Dog Czar) for review on Ruff Ruff. I met him him the Pet Ritz Lakeshore Resort's grand opening this past Saturday. He is quite a character! We'll see what his training DVD is like tomorrow when I sit down for some down time with Buttercup in the living room. Check the site for Finnigan and Cat's opinions on Vladae!

I hope to have that post up by Wednesday afternoon.

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