Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So overwhelmed

I have been applying for tons of freelancing jobs and am really hoping some of them come through cuz Mama's poor. I had been considering some type of part-time job, but that would require getting a regular sitter, so I am looking for part-time work that does not require me leaving the house or paying any investment to get started.

I have a shot with an early morning phone interview tomorrow for a web moderator position, so cross your fingers!

I also got a new slew of assignments from Metro Parent. Yay! I'm going to be super-busy, but I am taking it easy this week before I really get cracking since I know this is kind of it for a while with a break in assignments.
It'd be nice if I got a paycheck, though.
Anyway, I promised posting of pics from our camping trip, so here they are. The first is right before we took off from home and the second is a shot from the beach. Eliana spent the majority of her waking time in the Moby, and life was pretty grand except for her teething fit the last morning.

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