Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snowmen, corn flakes, and baby poo

I am now sitting down to type as much as I can on two stories due Friday while Buttercup sleeps. Well, technically, I am now typing on my blog about getting ready to type as much as I can for my stories.
Priorities, you see.

Why am I not surprised that the listing for the stupid Frosted Flake has been removed from eBay?
Turns out the sisters who found it yanked it and re listed a coupon for the flake, since there were concerns about listing an edible item. Whatever.
The new auctions ends on Friday and is already at $700 plus. Nice.
And for those who have no original thought, copycat corn flakes like the snowman and Florida are available, too.
Looks like I missed the bandwagon.
Or did I??? Maybe I can save Buttercup's next poopy diaper and list it as an abstract piece of art? Not that I pay too much attention when I'm wiping my baby's ass clean, but she has, on occasion, gotten creative and pooped out what appeared to be tootsie rolls. And one time I threw away a probable gold mine in the shape of a small Idaho potato.
No really, and I didn't alter it in any way, either.

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