Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Great Flake


Plain and simple. I am an idiot.
Buttercup is spending the night at the in-laws's house (par-tay at Grandma's crib) and I have a baby-free night (St. Patrick's Day, to boot!) and what am I doing?
The smart answers would include:
a) getting into bed at a reasonable hour and reveling in the fact that I don't have to keep one eye open "just in case."
b) getting in some "quality time" with the husband.
c) grabbing a drink with a girlfriend and not worrying about what time I get home (hey, I work from home, after all...) since I don't have to worry about being woken up in the morning until I feel like getting out of bed.
d) finishing a good book/watching some non-baby TV/soaking in the tub with some bubbles and a glass of wine.
But am I doing any of these? Nope. Instead, I am scrubbing kitchen counters.


On a positive note, we can all sleep in peace knowing that some schlub out in cyberspace is about to plop down over $200,000 for a freakin' Frosted Flake shaped like the state of Illinois.
Makes you wonder how the little flake was discovered. Did the seller stop, mid-pour in their breaksfast cereal bowl, and gasp in amazement at the flake-sized replica of The Great State of Illinois? (I wonder how many unrecognized states I have eaten in my life!?!?!)
And at what point did they think "Thank the stars I didn't just eat a $200,000 Corn Flake!"????
I am now inspired. I think I'm going to quit freelance writing and become a Frosted Flakes Hunter. Looks like it can be pretty profitable.

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