Sunday, May 25, 2008

And the stalker (I mean WINNER) is...

Remember my contest for a free blog makeover from my awesomest bloggy designer, Shauna? Well, Carrie from Candid Carrie has been selected as the winner. Mainly because she stalked me for the contest (she posted like THREE TIMES) and I am afraid if she does not win that my life will be in jeapordy.
I am serious. Really. I am.
Anyway, for the rest of you who entered, don't worry your mommy-selves a bit! I will be posting a new contest for a free blog makeover on Berrie Sweet Picks very soon. And rest assured, Carrie will not be allowed to enter.



Business on Market St. said...

hummm well Ill just have to let Carrie have it now dont I?

Candid Carrie said...

Right now I am ninety-seven percent excited to be a winner, three percent ashamed of how I won, and zero percent remorseful and would climb over more people to win again.

Pauline said...

carrie-my husband laughed his ass off when he read your "winner's statement."
just thought you'd want to know.
and yes, he is hotter than your son.