Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ruff Ruff gets a meow

I am going to split this up into a few posts so as not to confuse myself (hello Mexican Blond!), so here we go.
Let's see (I'm already confused...) I wanted to announce Candid Carrie will now be offering some feline-friendly reviews over at Ruff Ruff Review. My dogs are not pleased, but I have the thumbs, and therefore call the shots.
I have granted Carrie team member status and she will post Candid Carrie's Cat Corner stuff here and there. (My dogs are hoping mostly for "there.")
I, however, am thrilled! But don't tell Carrie or she may begin to think that I actually like her.



One Crazy Chick! said...

I see how you roll. Picking favorites already, huh? I leave for one weekend and she gets everything!

Go, Carrie!

Pauline said...

that's right, kandace...you left me all alone and i had a moment of weakness.

sara said...

Cute post, and I left a little something for you on my last post :-)