Friday, May 2, 2008

A Boob's Eye-View

The camera is still on the fritz and I am getting sick of seeing my blog page without any pictures on it, so I decided to dig through my digital images already saved to see what I could hunt up.

Didn't have to look far before I came across this little gem.

This is Buttercup in her Ergo baby carrier, attached to me on the front. No wonder the child associates boobs with pillows. They are right....effing....

In her face!

All the time!

And, no joke, she actually has been known to "fluff" mine before she settles in for some cuddle time with me. You know, kinda like when you fluff your pillow to get comfortable before drifting off to dreamland?

Except my boobs are not made of goose down...and not all boobs are attached to Mama. This kind of creates a bit of a problem in certain public situations when Buttercup has attempted to fluff other women's boobs.

I just laugh, but I have a sick sense of humor.
And should we ever meet up for a sugar-free, fat-free latte at the local coffee house, there is no guarantee my baby is going to try feeling you up. She's picky, you see...C-cups are her minimum.

Any smaller, and you might as well be a man.

No offense, of course...

Just remember that her first set of boobs are a DD. And those, of course, would be mine.

1 comment:

sara said...

That is too funny! The ramdom baby boob fluffer! I'm sad though that mine will be passed over though, but maybe as this pregnancy decides to stick around I'll make the C cup bare minimum. Til then I'll be just one of the guys!