Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Have poo, will change diaper

I’m starting to think that architects, designers, builders, and business-owners should be legally required to have either fathered a child, pushed one out, or at least completed a full-day baby-sitting trial of a diaper-wearing child that required a shopping trip and a stop at a family friendly restaurant for lunch.
Why, you ask?
Simple…because maybe then these geniuses who get paid the big bucks to sketch and play with construction equipment might actually stop to think that a changing station in the bathroom might be a good idea.
I’ll admit this is not something that occurred to me BB (Before Buttercup), but since the little princess has graced our lives, I cannot even begin to count the times I have walked into various “family” establishments only to have to walk right back out to my Jeep to change the baby, or have had to resort to stroller-gymnastics so I could change her all-too squirmy butt in the stroller.
Coldstone Creamery? Subway? The local coffee house? All have items on their menu that would make any kid’s eyes light up (hello, ice cream and hot chocolate!) or have kid specific menus…so what gives? Why in God’s name do they not have one of those handy little wall stations to change the dirty duds?
While Buttercup might not be partaking in much ice cream, java, or subs any time soon, she is still young enough where I can take her out with me while I sip on an iced-latte or enjoy lunch without her begging to eat what I have. She’s perfectly happy with her own meal, which I make sure to pack and bring with us. Even so, I know I am not the only SAHM/WAHM in the Metro Detroit area, let alone the world, who would rather bring her child with her when going out than hire a baby-sitter for the mere convenience of changing a damn diaper.
Because if it comes to that, I’m doing one of two things, which means I’m either boycotting businesses who didn’t bother installing a changing station, or I’m going to whip out the diaper bag and stinky poo right there in the middle of the dining area.
Maybe that will get the point across.


Karyna said...

Wow, u make a really interesting point.....let me add one on for u though. Have u ever gone to a park with three kids and used one of those port-a-pottys. Good luck in finding a semi decent clean one to stick your daughters bum on. I'd rather, and mind u I have gone the old fashined way and just let them squat behind a tree. Pretty damn tricky if u ask me.

sara said...

Ha! You are so right! I can totally see your point after last week's lunch. A changing spot is a must. I say pull out the diaper bag if they're silly enough not to have a table. Then maybe they'll change their way!

One Crazy Chick! said...

Pretty maddening, isn't? It's been a while since this has happened to me but I know if you are dealing with poo there is nothing worse.

And don't blame the contractors - it's the owners and architects who leave them off the plans. :)

Also, I think it should be illegal to not have changing tables.