Monday, September 22, 2008

Just say no (Boob tube take-over)

My life is over.

Sure, it might sound melodramatic, but I was doing fine until the T.V. slowly took away my free time. First came BBC America and my infatuation with the Primeval series. But it was after Buttercup was in bed and what was a little Saturday night veggin'? I still had the rest of the week to work, clean house, shower, eat, exercise, breathe...

But then I made the mistake of walking in to the living room to ask my Sweeter what he was watching two weeks ago on a Tuesday night, and ended up with a bona fide "Fringe" addiction.

And I actually groaned when I saw the previews for "Dancing with the Stars" because I can now effectively kiss my Monday nights good-bye.

I don't know what it is with me and TV, but I do my best to avoid it. I get sucked in too easily and too involved. I tell the dishes to wash themselves and kick back with my lil' glass of wine and put my feet up and I'm just happy as can be without a worry in the world. But then when my shows over, I come back to a dirty home, unfinished work, and a toddler who wants me to read her the same story book 15 times in a row.

So my previous addictions to "Bones" and "The Unit"? Yeah, I basically just went cold turkey on those two after Buttercup was born. I miss them. I REALLY do, and I can actually replay the intro and theme song to each one in my head still even after missing an entire season of each. That probably qualifies me for admission to an addiction center, but that's also why I try so hard to "Just Say No to TV."

Of course, I'll have to wait until the season finales since I'm already in, but I have to do my best to walk away when I find the strength. I write about kids and parenting and all that so I know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends NO TV for kids 2 and under...and that means TV on in the same room as them even if they are not paying attention. I was doing great....and then I made the mistake of sitting down to watch "just for a minute."

But no matter what happens, I'll gladly give every single one of my shows up when BBC America's Torchwood comes back in 2009. That's the show I would plan my life around if I could.

Yeah, my life's over, alright. Aren't I pathetic?

Am I the only one? What shows qualify as "must see TV" in your house?


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