Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Babies of Babble

Okay, so maybe they aren't really "babies" anymore, but their ours, so really, we can call them what we want, right?

I've got my Buttercup, who's 15 and-a-half-months now, and my sister, Veronica, has Nicholas, 3, Caleb, (almost 2), and Aiden (6 months).

Last night, I was talking with Veronica and Buttercup and Nicholas simultaneously decided that they wanted to talk on the "pone."

I gave my cell to Buttercup, who proceeded to pace up and down the hallway (just like Daddy!) as she spoke in a projected voice (just like Daddy!) on the phone to her older cousin.

The conversation went something like this:

Buttercup: "Hallo!"

Nicholas: "Hi Baby!"

Buttercup: "Ah be de dah be ga ga doo!"

Nicholas: "mommyatworkdaddyatworkpatiatwork!"

Buttercup: "Pone Hallo Dah be ga ga umpetum!"

Nicholas: "Babynenjugohi!"

Buttercup: "Goga goga goga!...."

And on and on it went for about five minutes. I have no idea what the hell they were saying to each other and don't think they even understood what the other one was saying. The amazing thing was that the kids were having an actual conversation, taking turns speaking, inflection and varying emotion in their voices, facial expressions and hand gestures.

It was all there.

And it was adorable.


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